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Discover the Mazars Updates No.16, 17 and 18

Update No.16

Through Decree 343 of April 6, 2021, the national government updated the definition of restaurants and gastrobars to be qualified as providers of tourist services.


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Update No. 17

The Superintendence of Societies through External Circular 100-000003 of March 26, 2021, instructed both the companies and their management and control bodies, regarding the importance of the registration of control situation and business group.


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Update No.18


Learn about the activities for which the government established the 0% advance.

Through Decree No. 375 of April 9, 2021, the national government modified the percentage of the advance for large taxpayers of income tax and complementary to the groups of the international Industrial Classification indicated by Resolution 000114 of 2020.


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